health and safety

Every workplace in the world should always work towards ensuring high standards for health and safety at all times and it’s so easy for employers and employees to fall into a casual attitude towards health and safety.  Far too many times the excuse of, ‘We don’t have time,’ ‘We can’t afford it,’ or, ‘We’ll sort it some other time,’ mean that important health and safety equipment and practices are ignored or avoided.

Neglecting important hazards today can lead to devastating consequences tomorrow if you don’t put an importance on health and safety.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Some of the health & safety responsibilities include providing:

  • Adequate Equipment and Materials
  • Competent Co-Workers
  • A Safe System of Work
  • Proper Training and Supervision

Health and Safety Top Tips

We’ve put together some of our top tips for ensuring a safe workplace:

  • Lead By Example: Ensure your business always has a thorough safety policy and that every single person in the company is aware of the policy and enforces it.
  • Awareness: Make sure every person is aware of how to spot hazards and ensure that there are clear lines of communication to report any unsafe working conditions to a supervisor.
  • Consistency: Every workplace should regularly be monitored for potential hazards and safety audits should be carried out on a regular schedule.
  • Action: Act quickly and efficiently to resolve any hazards or risks that have been reported.
  • Housekeeping: Good housekeeping can help to minimize most of the potential health and safety hazards.

How Cylinder Lifter Can Improve Your Health and Safety

Utilising a product like Cylinder Lifter can help improve your health & safety in the workplace, especially if you work with gas cylinders in industries such as welding, fabrication or construction.  A gas cylinder can weigh up to 95kg when full and handling or lifting a gas cylinder can put an incredible amount of strain and stress on a person’s body even when done correctly and in accordance with all health and safety guidelines.

Lifting gas cylinders has resulted in strains and injuries to the lower back, shoulder and elbow through the normal course of a career.  A solution to lifting gas cylinders is using Cylinder Lifter’s bespoke trolley system that removes the bulk of the load to the trolley’s lifting mechanism.  Cylinder Lifter has been proven by Chartered Physiotherapists and Chartered Ergonomists to reduce the load from 95kg to only 14kg transferred through the handle.  Cylinder Lifter makes moving gas cylinders easy, safe and efficient.

Increase Your Health and Safety Now

Increase Your Health and Safety Now

Health and Safety in Great Britain (2017)

We have put together some statistics for Health & Safety at Work for Great Britain in 2017.

Over the course of 2017:
25.7 million work-days were lost due to work-related ill health.
137 workers were killed during their normal workday due to failures of health and safety.
An estimated 609,000 non-fatal injuries occurred to workers (according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey).
There were fines worth over £69.9 million resulting from prosecutions taken or referred to COPFS for prosecution in Scotland by HSE where a conviction was achieved.

You can read some more health and safety stats at the website.