Cylinder Lifter

Cylinder Lifter, one of the best gas cylinder lifting trolley devices on the market has been specifically designed with the help of a Chartered Physiotherapist and Chartered Ergonomist to create a device that can safely load, unload and move gas cylinders on and off mobile welding sets while reducing the risk of strain and injuries on your body.  The Cylinder Lifter has been designed with the Modern Health and Safety Standards in mind and will be utilised by people who have regular contact with gas cylinders to make their lives safer and more comfortable. As the gas cylinders being used on a daily basis can often weigh over 95kg when full, they can put incredible amounts of strain on your body which can end up damaging your back, shoulder and elbows.

Our Distribution Network

Cylinder Lifter is currently expanding our growing Global Distribution network and Wholesale network, if you are interested then please visit our Global Distribution Page and fill out the form with the required information.