MACH 2018 is set out to be the biggest manufacturing technologies event in the UK and is brought to you by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) and will be the ideal trade event for Cylinder Lifter to promote the incredible health and safety benefits of using Cylinder Lifter if your everyday activities include moving, lifting and placing gas cylinders.


Cylinder Lifter at MACH

Cylinder Lifter is one of the most beneficial products you can include in your workshop or business if you or your employees are required to move, lift or place gas cylinders.

Cylinder Lifter has been designed in order to facilitate the safe loading of gas cylinders around a workshop, including on and off mobile welding platforms.  The simple design of Cylinder Lifter means it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use while reducing the amount of strain and stress that can happen during moving heavy gas cylinders.  This will be the largest showcase for a number of exhibitors and companies to present their products and services, many of which would be made much safer and more efficient with the inclusion of Cylinder Lifter to the repertoire of tools available.

Cylinder Lifter helps prevent any types of accidents and workplace injuries by allowing easy conformity to modern Health and Safety Standards.  Cylinder Lifter was assessed by a Chartered Ergonomist and Chartered Physiotherapist and the combined reports conclude that using Cylinder Lifter significantly reduces the risks involved in lifting and moving gas cylinders when compared to manual handling.

Cylinder Lifter Opportunities at MACH

If you’re attending the exhibition and are interested in finding out more about Cylinder Lifter, please visit the Weldfast Stand at H20-953, you can also contact Stuart on +447966444635 or contact

You can find the 2018 MACH floor plan here and you’ll find Cylinder Lifter in Hall 20 at the Wedlfast Stand.


MACH is known for being one of the biggest and most successful trade shows in the UK, dealing with engineering-based manufacturing, and is organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association.  The trade show takes place every 2nd year and has been one of the biggest showcase platforms for a number of companies, products and services.

The last time MACH was held in the UK, more than 25,500 people from across the UK’s manufacturing industry attended the event which was hugely successful, resulting in more than £150,000,000 worth of business being attributed to MACH in 2016.

Where is MACH UK Being Held?

MACH UK will be being held at Halls 17, 18, 19, 20, 6 & 7 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.