Cylinder Lifter - The Ultimate Argon Gas Cylinder Lifting Trolley

Introducing the state-of-the-art gas bottle lifting tool, expertly crafted for the effortless movement and handling of bulky Argon and Argon mixed gas cylinders from storage areas to welding workstations and platforms up to 250mm above the ground. With its innovative design, our argon gas cylinder trolley ensures a secure, effective, and smooth method for managing heavy gas cylinders.

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Gas Cylinder Lifter

The Gas Cylinder Lifter trolley is a specialised device designed to alleviate the challenges associated with replacing gas cylinder bottles on their mounting platform. Created with the input of welders and with safety as a top priority, it effectively reduces the risk of back or muscle injuries that can occur when using the traditional method of lifting and hugging.

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Cylinder Lifter Unique Construction

Gas Cylinder lifter and gas cylinder lifting device


The Cylinder lifter is constructed using high-quality powder-coated steel, making it durable and sturdy. Its 250mm puncture-proof microcellular foam wheels make it ideal for manoeuvring over uneven surfaces.

The trolley also features a 50mm wide Nylon safety strap that securely holds the cylinder in place during transportation. An anti-slip foot grip and vinyl nubbed grip further enhance the user’s grip and stability.

Gas Cylinder lifter and gas cylinder lifting device


The Cylinder lifter is designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with a 50mm ratchet buckle that has a comfortable handle for securing the cylinder.

The trolley’s maximum cylinder weight is SWL 100kg, which makes it capable of handling 230mm diameter cylinders.

It can also lift cylinders onto platforms up to 250mm high, reducing the need for manual lifting and lowering.

Gas Cylinder lifter and gas cylinder lifting device


With dimensions of 140cm x 50cm x 47cm and a net unit weight of 26kg, the Cylinder Lifter is lightweight and easy to move around. It’s simple and effective design makes it an affordable and safe gas cylinder lifter aid that takes away any health and safety issues associated with manual cylinder handling.

Health and Safety, Patented Design

health and safety, Gas bottle lifter and gas cylinder lifter device

Handling Heavy Gas Cylinders & Bottles

Manoeuvring heavy gas cylinders can be a daunting task, and the weight of the cylinders can exceed the recommended limit for manual handling. But with the Cylinder Lifter, you no longer have to worry about health and safety concerns. The trolley’s design eliminates the need for the “bear hug” technique, which can be risky and exhausting.

Health and Safety, lifting manual handling

The Right Way

We ensure workplace safety is our top priority for your business. One area of concern is the handling of heavy gas cylinders, which can weigh over 95kg when full. 

Manual handling of these cylinders can cause serious injuries to workers, including lower back, shoulder, and elbow injuries. Incorrect lifting of a gas cylinder bottle puts an enormous amount of stress on the body and can often lead to lower back, shoulder and elbow injuries. This is highlighted in an independent charted physiotherapists report.

To reduce the risk of workplace injuries, many industries use cylinder lifters. The cylinder lifter is a specially designed lifting device that enables the safe loading and unloading of gas cylinders onto mobile welding platforms and safe standings. By using our Cylinder Lifter, businesses can conform with modern health and safety standards and prevent accidents from happening in the workplace.

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The Wrong Way

Essential for your business

The Cylinder Lifter is an essential gas cylinder lifting device that provides a practical solution to the challenges of manual handling. It ensures the safety of both the user and the cylinder, making it an excellent investment for anyone in need of a safe, efficient, and easy way to transport heavy gas cylinders. Get yours today and make your gas cylinder transportation a breeze!

Absolutely thrilled with my CYLINDER LIFTER purchase! It's compact, efficient, and has boosted my team's productivity. A game-changer for my business!

John Stevens • CEO of Metal Fusion Innovations

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Gas bottle lifter and gas cylinder lifting device

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Why use our Cylinder lift device?

Argon Gas cylinder lifters are used across a wide range of industries to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity when handling heavy gas cylinders.

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