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Health and Safety

The cylinder lifter is specifically designed to enable the safe loading of gas cylinders on and off of mobile welding platforms. It is a lifting device that helps prevent accidents and workplace injuries and enables you to conform with modern Health and Safety Standards. An Ergonomic Assessment concludes that the use of the Cylinder Lifter compared to the manual handling of cylinders significantly reduces any risks identified using the MAC tool and the Rapid Entire Body Assessment.

Incorrectly lifting a gas cylinder bottle which when full can weigh over 95kg puts an enormous amount of stress on your body and can often lead to lower back, shoulder and elbow injuries as highlighted in our independent charted physiotherapists report.

Using a Cylinder Lifter takes away the strenuous task and high risk of injury caused by manually handling heavy, large, difficult to grasp cylinders and eliminates the unsafe awkward postures and movements your body is put through.

The unique design of the cylinder lifter has also been rigorously tested at Lloyds British and Caparo Innovation Centre (Results provided on request) it is patent-protected, CE compliant and it also conforms to HSE manual handling guidelines. With only 14 kg of the load transferred through the handle to the operator, this makes the cylinder lifter very easy to manoeuvre.